Chosen Girlz – Gwen Stefani for OPI Giveaway!

Stefani Giveaway - Blog

As promised, here is our first giveaway! Up for grabs is the new Gwen Stefani for OPI Rock Starlets Mini Nail Lacquers set. This set includes: Hey Baby, I Sing in Color, 4 Love.Angel.Music.Baby, and 4 in the Morning!

Up to 5 entries per person, here’s how to enter:

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Winner will be announced on Saturday, February 8th at noon! Good luck to everyone!


Avon Cosmic Collection: Celestial and Galaxy

Today we have for you two colors from Avon’s Cosmic Collection. The entire collection of 10 polishes is really beautiful with a soft holo almost pearl-like effect. Bonus: only $6 on the Avon website! Here are two of the colors we are showcasing today.

From Shannon – for your consideration: Avon Cosmic Celestial and Galaxy. Celestial is a light blue-green shade with a scattered holo, and Galaxy is a medium blue with a teal holo:

Avon Celestial & Galaxy Bottles


Inside lighting (Celestial):


Avon Celestial 1


Avon Celestial 2


Outside lighting (both Celestial and Galaxy as the half-moon):

Avon Celestial & Galaxy - Sunlight 1


Avon Celestial & Galaxy - Sunlight 2


Macro, outside lighting:


Avon Celestial & Galaxy Macro


Avon has really stepped up their nail polish game with this collection. More swatches from the other colors coming soon!

Zoya Pixie Dust – Arabella and Carter

Saw this fantastic gradient from The Base Coat on Instagram, immediately ordered these two colors, and did the same gradient! Zoya’s Pixie Dust is like a liquid sand. If you like textures, you will love these polishes. Both colors are really beautiful on their own and the colors are super-saturated, but in a gradient (and with 2 top coats to bring out the sparkly) they are really something special.

From Mary – for your consideration: Zoya Pixie Dust gradient:

Zoya Pixie Dust Gradient 1

And because mom loved it so much, we did the same manicure on her too!

Zoya Pixie Dust Gradient 3

Zoya Pixie Dust Gradient 2

And because we are matchy-matchy:

Zoya Pixie Dust Gradient 4

(Mary’s hand is on top, with the ring, Shannon’s is on the bottom)

Isn’t this just TOO DIE FOR!!!

OPI’s Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow and Essie’s As Gold As It Gets

Happy Saturday!  Here’s a combo we did on mom a few months ago:

From Shannon ~ for your consideration: OPI‘s Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow from their Spain collection with Essie‘s As Gold As It Gets topcoat from their Luxeffects line. Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow is a super-dark green, almost black, with a slight shimmer. If you are a fan of greens, this is definitely one to have. However, be warned it took 3 coats to get the proper opacity. As Gold As It Gets features gold flakies in a clear base. The flakies are not super overloaded, but since this is meant as a top coat it is perfect. This is such a pretty combo:

OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow + Essie As Gold as it Gets


I am a big fan of sparkles and glitters, and Essie really pulled off some great topcoats in their Luxeffects line. It’s great to be able to take your polishes and change them up in so many different ways for different looks!

And keep a look at later today as we do a “guest” mani post!

Chosen Girlz Giveaway Coming Soon!

“Hey Baby” – Chosen Girlz has a pretty cool giveaway coming next week, but “Don’t Speak” about it – just be sure you follow our blog, FB page, or Instagram to see our posts so you don’t miss it! “What You Waiting For”? “Let Me Blow Your Mind”! “Hollaback Girl” if you have any questions! We wish we could give you a hint . . . 😉

Oh, if you insist:


Orly Galaxy Girl Swatch

So based on the feedback received (thanks Kathy G!) we decided to go with Galaxy Girl on mom today.

From Shannon ~ for your consideration: Orly‘s Galaxy Girl – what a beauty this truly is! I love a good dark vampy color, but I also love me some bling, and boy does this deliver on both fronts. We had to take many different pics in different lighting to try and capture everything this polish has to offer.

(inside lighting)

Orly Galaxy Girl2

Orly Galaxy Girl

Now, I was sitting in the car waiting for Mary to get out of school when I glanced down at my nails and went, whoa! So here are my pics in outside lighting:

Orly Galaxy Girl Outside2

Orly Galaxy Girl Outside1

This is all love for me. What do you think?