CoverGirl: “Catching Fire” Capitol Collection Glosstinis

It’s HUMP day! Yes, I went there. Not sorry πŸ˜‰

Today I am posting swatches from the Capitol Collection from CoverGirl commemorating the movie “Catching Fire”, which you know is the second movie in the Hunger Games Trilogy (unless you live under a rock, or perhaps don’t live with a teenage girl). But I digress . . .

Here is a promo pic of the collection. It also came with nail art, which sadly I did not get but now wish I had:


At Thanksgiving I wanted to do something fun with my nails, and I had just received this collection. My original thought process was to capture a kind of “Autumn” fallen leaves look; however, Mary said it reminded her of the Thanksgiving “turkey” hands she made in Kindergarten. Heh, she’s right πŸ˜‰ But still, I liked the look!

From Shannon ~ for your consideration: Β (swatched from left to right) Inferno (maroon with gold and bronze shift), Rogue Red (orange-red with gold shimmer), Flamed Out (electric orange with orange shimmer), Sulfur Blaze (yellowish-gold metallic), and Scalding Emerald (brown smoke base with gold, bronze, blue, and green shimmer). All five of these applied easily with no streaks. With the exception of Scalding Emerald, I used 2 coats for opacity. Scalding Emerald required 4 coats to get the depth I was looking for (click picture below for a larger in-depth look but be warned – you will see scabs around my cuticles from the-very-last-time-I-let-a-“manicurist”-do-my-nails-ugh):


I have to say while the entire collection was fun and bright, Inferno was my absolute fave. What do you think of this collection?


One thought on “CoverGirl: “Catching Fire” Capitol Collection Glosstinis

  1. Kathy Gault says:

    I see Fall color look-but I can see where it could also look like Thanksgiving turkey feathers. I thing this is a great idea for Fall.

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