Dandy Nails “Love Affair” and Revlon Brilliant Strength “Intrigue”

Since we began blogging our nails, we have discovered we have inherent contortionist abilities! Twisting and turning in odd positions trying desperately to capture the perfect pic LOL, it’s quite hilarious!

Today we are featuring “Love Affair” from Dandy Nails. This is such a great Indy brand, plus as an added bonus the owner lives like 15 minutes from us. Holla from the I.E.! Anyway, Dandy Nails has one of the most fabu array of polishes I have seen. If you haven’t checked her out yet, well, then check her out at her Etsy shop here.

From Mary ~ for your consideration:  “Love Affair” from Dandy Nails, a gorgeous dusky pink holo that flashes orange to light red to maroon. Our pictures really don’t do it justice, it is so phenom in person! It was opaque in 1 coat, but of course we used 2 coats:

Dandy Nails Love Affair

We really wanted to capture the awesomeness of the shift in this polish (well, we tried anyway), so here is a macro:

Love Affair Macro

For fun, we also did some nail art using Revlon’s Brilliant Strength in Intrigue with some rhinestones from Sally’s Beauty Supply:

Dandy Nails Love Affair + Revlon Brilliant Color Intrigue

Here is the final mani in action:

Love Affair In Action

So check out Dandy’s Nails offerings, tell us what your fave Dandy Nails polish is and why, and we will purchase and swatch for you! Have a good one, peeps!


One thought on “Dandy Nails “Love Affair” and Revlon Brilliant Strength “Intrigue”

  1. Kathy Gault says:

    This a beautiful shade that goes well with skin tones! Had no idea the owner was so close-will have to check it out.

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