Avon Cosmic Collection: Celestial and Galaxy

Today we have for you two colors from Avon’s Cosmic Collection. The entire collection of 10 polishes is really beautiful with a soft holo almost pearl-like effect. Bonus: only $6 on the Avon website! Here are two of the colors we are showcasing today.

From Shannon – for your consideration: Avon Cosmic Celestial and Galaxy. Celestial is a light blue-green shade with a scattered holo, and Galaxy is a medium blue with a teal holo:

Avon Celestial & Galaxy Bottles


Inside lighting (Celestial):


Avon Celestial 1


Avon Celestial 2


Outside lighting (both Celestial and Galaxy as the half-moon):

Avon Celestial & Galaxy - Sunlight 1


Avon Celestial & Galaxy - Sunlight 2


Macro, outside lighting:


Avon Celestial & Galaxy Macro


Avon has really stepped up their nail polish game with this collection. More swatches from the other colors coming soon!


One thought on “Avon Cosmic Collection: Celestial and Galaxy

  1. Kathy says:

    Great springtime colors

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