Pure Ice Glass of Bordeaux, Essie Really Red + Nail Art

So yesterday Mary tells me that she forgot her science book at school and has a big test on Monday, so we go to her school only to find the gates closed! So I tell her to jump the fence and go grab her book (I know, bad mommy). Anyhoo, so she jumps the fence and starts running down towards her locker and winds up twisting her ankle! Poor thing was crying because it hurt, and on top of it the dilemna of how we get her back over the fence! So I’m on one side while she’s on the other, and once she manages to get over the top (after getting her jeans stuck in the top of the chainlink) I have her on my shoulder helping her the rest of the way. I’m sure we made quite a spectacle of ourselves LOL 😉

From Shannon ~ for your consideration: Pure Ice Glass of Bordeaux and Essie Really Red. I had seen a swatch of Glass of Bordeaux on Wacky Laki’s blog and fell in love. It is a black base with red glitter. This color is from their Fang or Fur collection (think Twilight, Team Edward or Jacob?). So I ordered a few weeks ago from eBay and it’s been sitting in my stash just begging to be used. I picked up Essie’s Really Red at Walgreen’s when I was in search of a pure red. Since this is Valentine’s Day month, I thought it would be fun to combine the two! Glass of Bordeaux is definitely a 3-coater; the first coat was so streaky and opaque I was nervous, then when the second coat was still streaky AND starting to bald in spots I started to panic but lo and behold it turned out perfect after 3 coats! Really Red is such a beautiful color for my skin tone, not too orange and not too pink. It was almost a 1-coater, but since I did 3 coats of the Glass of Bordeaux I went ahead and did 3 coats on Really Red too. I added a cute holo heart we picked up from Sally’s Beauty Supply a few days ago, and then I cut out a heart from a label and used Really Red over Glass of Bordeaux for a cute little heart accent:

Here’s a pic before the Really Red heart accent:

Pure Ice Glass Bordeaux, Essie Really Red1

And here’s one after:

Pure Ice Glass Bordeaux, Essie Really Red2


Here’s a macro of Glass of Bordeaux, I was trying to capture the red glitter:

Pure Ice Glass Bordeaux, Essie Really Red3


More V-Day manis coming up this month!


2 thoughts on “Pure Ice Glass of Bordeaux, Essie Really Red + Nail Art

  1. Kathy says:

    Beautiful! I hope Mary is okay. That would have made a great video if only it wasn’t so painful!

  2. Hi I just nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my blog Hayleyparisxoxo.blog.com for more details!

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