Liquid Sky Lacquer Key to my Heart

So after we swatched Color Club Rebel Spirit on Mary, we knew we wanted to put Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Key to my Heart over the top. Key to my Heart, along with 2 other minis we had ordered, had just been delivered and we were dying to try it! Most other swatches we had seen were over a black, white, or pink polish, so we thought it would be fun to do it over a dark chocolate brown, but it wound up translating into a black base in these pics. Still very awesome though!

From Mary ~ for your consideration:  Liquid Sky Lacquer Key to my Heart, a glitter bomb with silver, pink and holographic glitters and large heart glitters in a clear base. Because Key To My Heart has larger heart glitters, we wound up tipping the bottle upside down to fish out them, but that is typical with large glitter pieces and was really not a big deal. When dad walked in and saw my nails, he couldn’t get over how cool it looked! This would be a great “Anti-Valentine’s Day” look. Here it is over Color Club Rebel Spirit:

Color Club Rebel Spirit, Liquid Sky Lacquer Key to my Heart

And a macro shot (it’s not very good, the glitters were freaking our camera out, but we caught that awesome heart glitter:

Key to my Heart Macro



2 thoughts on “Liquid Sky Lacquer Key to my Heart

  1. Kathy Gault says:

    Mary- This is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

  2. […] Shannon ~ for your consideration:  So I REALLY loved Mary’s mani from the other day, so I decided to dupe it but use a bright red as a base instead of black. […]

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