Jessica Rolling Rose

Mom is normally not fond of light, shimmery girly-girl colors (yet surprisingly Mary is – shouldn’t teens be all goth and wearing depressing blacks and grays? My kid is weird I tell ya). Mom likes dark, vampy, glitterbomb holos that are all INYOURFACE.

From Shannon ~ for your consideration – Jessica’s Rolling Rose from the Heavy Petals collection. I wanted to give this a try for Valentine’s Day (I am planning on adding Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Hearthrob glitter bomb over the top soon) but first wanted to show this by itself. This is a very pale shimmery pink with a lovely blue shimmer – I would have really liked it if it didn’t give me that dreaded lobster hands look, but that is not the fault of the polish just a clash with my skintone (if you are not sure what lobster hands, zombie hands, or mannequin hands are, here if a fantastic explanation from The Silver Nail – too funny!). I also was not a fan of the dry time, it seems to take for-ever and I panicked and wound up using 2 coats of Seche Vite to get it to dry so I could go to sleep. Here it is with 3 coats (and 2 top coats) for full opacity:

Jessica Rolling Rose2

And a glamour shot:

Jessica Rolling Rose1

So – do my lobster hands frighten you?


One thought on “Jessica Rolling Rose

  1. […] Sky Lacquer’s Heart Throb, over Jessica’s Rolling Rose (see our previous review of Rolling Rose). LOVE this glittah bomb for Valentine’s Day! I did have to spend quite a bit of time fishing […]

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