Orly Space Cadet

From Shannon ~ for you consideration:  Orly’s Space Cadet from the Cosmic FX Fall 2010 collection.  This is just so WOW for me, check out that shift from rose to copper to pink to green to gold . . yeah, it’s got it all!  This is a dead-on dupe for MAC’s Mean & Green from the Venomous Villains collection and therefore a much affordable polish, plus MAC’s nail polish brushes are just no bueno (Orly’s brushes are nice, long and thin, and the rubber cap makes the grippability even better).  The formula is pretty sheer though, and I used 3 coats and probably should have used 4 coats. It also started chipping on me the next day 😦  Lots of pics to capture that shift:

Orly Space Cadet5 Orly Space Cadet1 Orly Space Cadet2 Orly Space Cadet3 Orly Space Cadet4


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