May 2014 “A Box, Indied” Collection by Llarowe


Man, oh man. We’ve been dying to get our hands on one of these boxes from Llarowe for awhile but they always seemed to sell out before we could. Not this time, mom set her alarm on her phone and sat at her computer for 10 minutes before to get in virtual “line”! So worth it!

May’s box was “flower” themed and called “The Deadly and the Beautiful” and included the following:

So without further ado . . .


Glisten & Glow’s Honeysuckle Cuticle Oil ~ Hubby/Daddy sweetly agreed to let us try this cuticle oil out on his shredded cuticles. The honeysuckle smell was light and pretty, not overpowering like we feared it might be. The brush was great, and the oil sunk in quickly and you could see immediate results:



Hare Polish’s The Blooming Desert ~ wow! This was our first Hare Polish and I was so impressed by how unique this was! The Blooming Desert has shimmery orange and white glitter along with gold shimmers and flakies in a cheery pink jelly base.  It dries to a semi-matte finish. We love this one so much, and we think it would benefit from laying down a pink base just so we don’t waste it! This is 2 coats by itself with a top coat to smooth:


Black Cat Lacquer’s Poison Ivy – be still our hearts! First of all, we love our kitties to death and so of course this new-to-us brand called to us right away. But then . . . check out that polish! Poison Ivy is a bright green jelly with green glitters along with light green and gold glitter. This is 2 easy coats, no top coat needed!


CrowsToes Dead Man’s Bells ~ Mom did a double-take when she first read the label on this one hahaha! We have other CrowsToes polishes in our stash and love them all, and this was certainly no different! Dead Man’s Bells is a black jelly-base with purple hex glitters and teal micro glitters. We would recommend using a black creme base for this so you don’t waste this product. This is 3 coats by itself with a top coat to smooth:


Contrary Polish’s Darling Wildflower ~ Carrie does the best contrasting shimmers in the business, and this was no exception. Darling Wildflower is a deep purple with flakies of gold and dark pink. There is no need to layer this one over another polish! This is 3 coats with a top coat:


Contrary Polish Tiger’s Eye

From Shannon ~ for your consideration: Contrary Polish’s Tiger’s Eye from the On The Rocks collection, a medium brown with a bold gold shimmer. This is such an unusual brown color, I know we don’t have anything remotely like it in our polish stash! Carrie does some truly amazing things with shimmery polishes. Fully opaque in 2 coats! Because we bougth this (and 3 other colors) in mini bottles it was a bit difficult to pose around the bottle haha, but for being a mini the brush on this was really nice! Here it is 2 coats, no top coat:

Contrary Polish Tigers Eye1

Contrary Polish Tigers Eye2

You can buy mini bottles by emailing your request directly from Carrie at, or through the Llarowe website.

Contrary Polish Firebrand

We have discovered the joy of minis! We were going broke buying polish, but then we found out that a lot of the Indy brands carry mini bottles, which is so perfect for us! The very first order of minis we placed was with a great brand called Contrary Polish. Carrie is such a sweetie, and our shipment quickly arrived. If you want to order full size, she sells her polishes through several different sites listed on her blog, but for minis you email her directly. We had ordered minis of Firebrand, Blood Orange, Almandine, and Tiger’s Eye. Keep an eye out on future posts for swatches of those colors.

From Shannon ~ for your consideration: Contrary Polish Firebrand. This is a deep raspberry jelly with red and pink shimmer. This is an interesting shade to me because indoors it looks like a reddish brown with a red shimmer, but outside it is definitely has a purple lean to it, and the sun really brings out the pink shimmer! Either way you look at it, this is a gorgeous color! Application was smooth but it did take 3 coats for full opacity.

By the way – not easy posing your nails around a mini bottle hahaha!

Contrary Polish Fire Brand1

You can really see both the red and pink shimmer in this pic:

Contrary Polish Fire Brand2

This color is definitely one I would buy a full-size bottle of. What are your thoughts?